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You have supported us through many years when things were difficult and the problems seemed insurmountable. The animals have always trusted us to help them without criticism or blame. We owe it to them to continue our efforts to give them a better world. Please help us achieve this.

Elizabeth Oliver

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The new Reiwa Era aspires to be a time of "Beautiful Harmony" All living beings deserve a place in that harmony. Help ARK continue to save and improve the quality of animal lives in the new Reiwa Era. Elizabeth Oliver’s work changed the face of animal welfare in Japan. Now we need your help to take ARK to the next level.

Toward the 30th anniversary of Animal Refuge Kansai

En: ようこそ!


ARK is well known as the pioneer of true animal welfare in Japan. Our founder, Elizabeth Oliver, brought enlightened views from Britain - famous for its robust animal laws and love of animals - and integrated them into Japanese society. ARK has brought know-how from around the world on rescuing, caring for and rehoming animals. Decades of hard work and dedication, along with refusal to compromise on our standards of care have brought ARK to where we are. We need your help to ensure we can continue to build a kinder world for animals.

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As a pioneer of animal rights, ARK has rescued and re-homed thousands of animals over 29 years. To continue our good work, provide the high standard of care you have supported and ensure our know-how is passed on to the next generation, we need to scale down our operations.



Rescuing an animal is not the end of the story. ARK has always provided adequate space, shelter, exercise and veterinary care for our animals, no matter what their stage of life or health. We need homes for our special needs animals more than ever now. We know there’s a special someone for each of them. Could that be you?



ARK took the first step in building a state-of-the-art animal welfare facility in Sasayama in 2008. We're proud of our progress, but still have quite a way to go. Plans are in top gear for moving the base of our activities from Nose to our new facility. Join us in envisioning a better future for animal welfare and realizing our goals for Sasayama.


As we step into Reiwa Era

You already know that not long after Elizabeth Oliver, MBE started ARK, western Japan was struck by a devastating earthquake that saw the numbers of our animals swell to 600 in one year. Thanks to supporters like you, they were lovingly cared for at ARK until they could be reunited with their families or find new homes. ARK has rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed thousands of animals. In addition to the immediate needs of those in our care and those who may need our urgent help, we want to expand our education program, which strives to stem the flow of unwanted animals. Japan has moved into a new era and ARK is doing the same. After nearly three decades of dedication to animal welfare, Elizabeth will be moving into an advisory role. We’re starting Reiwa with a new, more interactive approach. Working together, we can provide the special care our older residents need without compromising our outreach and education programs.Let’s make Reiwa the era of animals. Together, we can reduce the number of unwanted animals through education and make sure those that come to ARK have the quality of life they deserve. Let’s work together to give animals a second chance.

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